1and1 Cloud Server VB.Net API [status update]

So it’s been a slow progress as I’ve been managing the creation of my sites, updating the blogs, and trying to acquire the needed resources to code working examples for the Cloud Servers. Recently I’ve pushed a major overhaul for how the NGCS_Wrapper will end up looking, mimicking the style of code I use in the PHP Wrapper. The idea is I want the code to be structured with Object/Entities in one Directory, API it relates to in another, and no matter which programming language you jump into, you’ll see the continuity in the code.

Once the VB.Net is complete, I expect to roll out a Xojo example as well to target Multi-Platform since Xojo just released support for Raspberry PI and iOS, along with Web, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For now: https://github.com/uaktags/NGCS-Test here is the VB.Net repo.

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