Iquidus Explorer Revamped

So I’ve always had an interest in building things that utilize the many block explorers out there, but I’ve hated that most don’t offer API and if they do it’s very limited. I’ve fallen in love with creating crypto-Bookkeeping scripts, Discord bots, and other analytical scripts just for fun. However, […]

A democrat who hates democrats!

I have a confession that most of my friends and family wouldn’t believe: I’m a closet democrat…that hates democrats. It’s a strange predictament to be in, but I really do follow many of the same beliefs of the Democrat party in the good ‘ol US of A. I support Gay-Marriages, […]

In Pursuit of a hobby

So a few months ago, a doctor basically stated to me in their own professional opinion, that I needed to get a hobby that wasn’t revolving around computers. This left me in a bit of an awkward position: What kind of hobby can I partake in that I would find […]

A Star is Born – Rant/Review

As many of my friends know, I love going to the movies even if that means doing it alone. A lot of people ask how can I choose to go sit by myself in a theater and watch a flick? To that, I ask how can you pay double price […]

unRaid + SteamCache FTW

So what to do with all of this storage if you can’t possibly rip enough of your DVDs to take up the space? Well one thing that I was thinking about is future proofing myself for when I may need to do an entire rig rebuild, or help others rebuild […]

unRaid update – so much storage!

So I finally got my 4 drive enclosure that fits into 3 fullsize bays on my case. It’s great having drives that I can hotswap without having to take the case off, though I wish they came with like some sort of labeling system. However, all in all for what […]

What’s Depression to me?

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Depression

To continue on my journey of discussing depression from my last point, which you should read first here, it seems like a fitting time to talk about what I think depression is. What is it that I feel, how do I characterize it, and then ultimately, how do I live […]

The depressing aspects of depression

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series Depression

Depression seems to be one of those widely talked about things, that is completely unknown or atleast misunderstood by most people. It can easily be seen as a “sign of weakness”, a phase that requires you to “get over (it)”, or something that requires there to be a causing event […]

New house! New Adventures!

As a lot of my closer friends know, I haven’t written about it on here before, but I decided to buy a house at the end of August. Long story short about the reason behind it is that I found it to be a much better investment than paying someone […]

NAS with unRaid – Bye-bye QNap

So for a long while now, I was turned on to QNap by a colleague so that I can finally move my movie and tvshow collection off of my USB 4-Bay drive enclosure and finally get it connected to a network. I was originally setting out to do a nice […]